Children’s Ministry

at Central Valley Baptist Church

Next Gen Church @ CVB

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What is Awana’s?

What is Awana's? Awana is a ministry focused on providing Bible-based discipleship for children and youth. Children and youth may start at any age. Our church club begins with the 3-4-year-old "Cubbies" and finishes at grade 9 with "Trek." As they memorize scriptures...

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Clothing Cascade

How often have you cleaned out your closet, disliking the idea of giving your clothes to the thrift store knowing someone could benefit from them? That’s how the concept for Clothing Cascade started. Clothing Cascade Last year, my younger sister passed away, leaving...

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Homeschool Social Recap

This past Friday was our first Homeschool Social. It was a time for other homeschool moms and kids in Cascade to come together for fellowship and encouragement. For me, this was a precious time to watch my daughter as she and several other kiddos played Twister,...

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Homeschool Social

I’m so excited about our upcoming homeschool social and video viewing. First, since we are new to this beautiful community, it will be a way for my daughter and me to meet other homeschool families in Cascade. And second, this documentary is receiving rave reviews. It...

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